Hey guys, thanks for being a part of this blog and perusing around. I’m eternally grateful I get to share the things I love with likeminded people who enjoy viewing it as much as I do creating it. Landing here means you proooobably wanna know a bit more about me.

I’ve been a part of creative fields my entire life, a graphic designer, art director, photography enthusiast, and just drawing my way through life. The idea for this blog initially originated after arriving in Canada and getting signed as a plus size model. It’s been a lifelong dream of mine, and my agency made it real pushing and giving me the confidence to embody a new form of beauty in the industry. Now, I’ve never been an expert on self love (I’m not sure anyone is) it’s freaking hard - but it’s work in progress, built one day at a time. This blog is me putting my knowledge, heart and soul to work. It’s all about beauty, self expression, vulnerability, realness, personal style and me following my intuition.

I wanted to create something remote from all the noise on social media, something that will allow me to inspire, connect and embody my own aesthetics.