Little White Dress

"The woman that inspires me expresses herself through her indeviduality and personal style. She is boldly authentic, a true original. She leads like a woman."

- Ralph Lauren


You see, you can only wear the same favourite metallica shirt so many times before you’re ready to face the β€œI dont know what to wear” hell all over again.

I remember when I first started trying to figure out what worked for me and made ALL mistakes possible.. I looked outward for examples, I went for what my eye remembered seeing online, I had an image of what I wanted to dress like, but it had no correlation with what I actually enjoyed wearing. All of that was a recipe for feeling bad certain styles just didn’t work for me or my body type.

Later on I discovered style is an extension of your personality & inner world. Finding it, embracing it and expressing fully is all about self love & exploration - something I’ve struggled with at the time after years of low key magazine brainwash & subconscious instagram comparisons.

So here we are now, a few years late to the game - my first entry in this blog. Yeah, I may not be able to change the way those industries are working, but I sure can create my own take on it.


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